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About the Author-

Hi! I am Manu Chittora, the Founder of Mesmerising India. I am in the field of blogging for the last few years and have an idea of what information the audience wants. I try to give my best in each and every post and page. I am a keen enthusiast of traveling and exploring the country and sharing my experiences with people ignited me to create this website platform. Posts are being published frequently on my website regarding the forts, monuments, hill stations, and pilgrimage of India. Currently, I reside in Jalandhar, India and frequently visit the tourist places of India.

About the Website-

Our website mesmerisingindia.com will give you the information and my experiences on various tourism spots in India. These include forts, hill stations, architectural marvels, and various historical monuments that mesmerize the entire world.

Various information like fees, timings, tickets, food availability, hotels, etc. are collected from trusted websites and sources. Currently, our website is based on four categories – forts, pilgrimage sites, monuments, and hill stations of India.

It is aimed to build a platform where you will get the best findings of our Experience And Learning from various sources, so you could overcome False information.

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