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Geparnath Mahadev Temple and Waterfall is one of the most visited natural tourist and picnic spots within the vicinity of Kota city. The place is one of the gems that are hard to find in the desertic state of Rajasthan, because of its mesmerising natural beauty of the waterfall. The place is about 20 kilometers far from the main city center.

Information on Geparnath Mahadev-

Geparnath Mahadev is a joyous tourist spot near Kota that attracts almost everyone from the city. The place is famous for a lofty waterfall that has a height of about 120 meters and falls down with full charm.

One has to go down many stairs to reach the main spot of Geparnath Mahadev Temple and the waterfall. It is located amidst the rocky terrain with huge stones spread all around.

As soon as you get the first sight of the valley and the waterfall, your soul gets thrilled with excitement.

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An ancient small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also present near the waterfall, which increases the divinity of the place and makes you feel drown in natural beauty with religious faith. A continuous flow of water is sustained on the shivling naturally, which is such an amazing thing!!

A huge number of people head towards this place during the monsoons, especially during the Hindu month of Sawan. A fair is also organized on the festive day of Mahashivratri.

The place should be visited during or after the monsoons to adore the lush green beauty and enjoy the scenic views. Many people reach this place during this time with family and friends’ groups to enjoy their picnics.

The place is a photographers’ paradise as it blesses them with breathtaking views all around. Some rare clicks with monkeys while feeding them makes their day!

An accident took place here in the year 2008, in which a lot of people lost their lives due to the collapsing of the stairs that take you down the valley. After that, strong concrete stairs were constructed here.

How to Reach Geparnath Mahadev?

By Railway- Kota Junction is the nearest airport to this place, at a distance of about 27 km and can be reached within an hour.

By Air- Sanganer Airport of Jaipur is the nearest airport to Geparnath and is at a distance of about 240 km from Kota.

By Bus- The nearest bus stand is the New Bus Stand, Dhanmandi which is at a distance of around 20 km.

To reach the place from anywhere in Kota, the best way is to go through private vehicles. You can also privately hire autorickshaws to plan a trip.

Public transport like buses does not operate on this route.


Although the timings of the place are not specified, the entry is closed as it gets dark after the sunset in the evening. It remains open on all the days of a week.

Entry Fee-

No entry fee is charged for visiting this tourist spot.

Travel Tip-

Keep your safety in mind as the stairs there are steep and slippery too.

Also, keep a distance from the lake there, as the stones beneath the water are much sharp and dangerous.

Take care of your belongings from the crowd of monkeys that might attack you!!

Overall, the place is perfect for a weekend picnic and to rejuvenate the soul from hectic lives.

Do share your experiences if you have been there :>

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