Kalsubai Peak, Maharashtra

kalsubai temple

Kalsubai Peak is the highest mountain peak of Maharashtra, due to which it gets the name of Mount Everest of Maharashtra. It is the perfect place for people of Maharashtra to spend their holidays and weekends. People also climb up this peak to worship in the Kalsubai temple located on the peak. The place gives you the heavenly feel with clouds floating around you and is a perfect escape from the daily hectic office lives of people residing in metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Pune.

Let’s read more about this awesome destination-

About the Trek-

The trek is around 13 kilometers long and is best suitable for intermediate difficulty trekkers that climb such peaks for excitement and adventure.

The peak is at a height of about 1650 meters from the sea level and is the highest mountain peak of Maharashtra. From such height, one gets a scintillating panoramic view of the Western Ghats surrounding the hill.

The time taken on an average to complete the trek is around 15 hours, depending on the speed of trekking. The time for ascending is around 5 hours.

The way to the peak has various picturesque landscapes including streams of water, clouds, and lush green hills, so enjoy the transit along with the destination.

The trek is full of slippery stony ways and stairs, and iron ladders are arranged in between the paths for an easier climb to the peak. 

Temple of Kalsubai is situated at the top of the peak which is approached by a lot of devotees during special occasions and festivals like Navratri, to worship the local deity.

Kalsubai Temple- Image By- nimish chittora

Best Time to visit Kalsubai Trek-

Winters and Monsoons are the best times of the year to hike to Kalsubai Trek. Monsoon gives a fresh touch to nature and everything around seems much soothing.

While in Winters, the cool temperature adds to the beauty of the track and blooming flowers are seen everywhere.

Avoid summers for the trekking as the temperature is very high at the starting points of the trek and it may result in an exhausting itinerary rather than a refreshing one.

Safety of Kalsubai Trek-

The trek is moderately risky, though can be climbed with little precautions. Self-precautions to prevent slipping by balance disturbance are to be taken care of. Apart from this, there are no major safety issues.

Children below 15 years of age are permitted to climb up the trek with their parents only for security and safety reasons.

Trekking is also safe for solo female travelers, most people travel there in groups of their family or friends.

Lush Green Kalsubai Trek- Image by- nimish chittora

Where to Stay?

There are no provisions for staying on the Kalsubai Peak, also it is not required to stay there for a long time. It is only an affair of 2-3 hours over the peak for clicking photos, having food and relaxing.

The place to stay nearby is the houses of the villagers of Bari village at the base of the Kalsubai Trek. They are of helping nature and will help you out in food and accommodation.

How to Reach there?

The starting point for the Kalsubai Trek is the base Bari village which is about 50 kilometers from the Kasara Railway Station. So, one should reach Kasara Railway station for the further journey, which is the nearest railway station to Kalsubai Peak. To reach Bari village from Kasara, private jeeps and other vehicles are used. You can also reach Bari through buses also from the nearby areas directly, or by connecting ones.

From Mumbai-

The distance of Kasara Railway Station is about 120 kilometers from Mumbai Central and direct trains are available between these stations. Mumbai also has the nearest International Airport from Kalsubai Trek. Bari is around 150 kilometers away from Mumbai and can be approached by a 4-hour drive.

From Pune-

Pune is around 200 kilometers distant from the Kasara village and one can reach by direct trains or by private vehicles like jeeps or taxis.

Sun above the CloudsImage By- nimish chittora

Travel Tip and Things to Carry-

Since it falls under the category of Hill Stations there are some tips that have to be taken care of-

  • Do carry your ID cards whichever are relevant, like the Aadhar Card for Indian visitors.
  • Make sure that you are not carrying much luggage during trekking, as it would make it more difficult to climb there.
  • Do not forget to carry some general medicines along with glucose and energizers for the cases of medical emergencies.
  • Carry 2-3 liters of water along the journey to avoid drinking water shortage.
  • Network availability is poor so, inform in prior to the family members. Also, do carry the power banks for charging your gadgets like cameras and phones, because there is no source for charging.
  • Other important things to carry on the trek are torch with extra batteries, sunscreen, caps, dry fruits, and dry snacks, and clothing suitable for trekking like the full-sleeved T-shirts and trekking shoes.
  • Guides and travel agents or organizers should be carefully chosen based on your trust over them.
  • Do visit this less noticed trek in Western Ghats of Maharashtra to give your life a new experience.

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